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Published On 8/4/2010
This is a reminder of Scholarships available to African-American students. Read below and share. This information is not produced by any member of this chapter. It was shared by a patron. We claim no rights to the information nor do nor will we provide assistance in contacting or collaborating with these institutions. We recommend that you verify the authenticity of these links independently.
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Published On 5/6/2010
With President Obama's appointment of Bro. William Harvey and Bro. Edward Lewis, five Omegas are now in very senior roles and advisors to the President. Please read more to learn about this recent appointment.
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Published On 3/22/2010
The Omega Psi Phi graduate fraternity has taken Salt Lake City's Riley Elementary under its wing. The predominantly African American fraternity has teamed up with the University of Utah men's basketball squad to adopt the Title I (lowincome) school.
The fraternity will raise money for the Glendale school, stage motivational assemblies and try to be a positive presence on a campus where 84 percent of students are ethnic minorities, including 7 percent African American and 62 percent Latino. The Omegas, as they're called, will also donate $50,000 in school supplies, coats and warm clothes.
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Published On 1/8/2010
Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and leaders of the nation's largest African American fraternities enter National Mentoring Month 2010 with a bold action plan to significantly increase the number of black Big Brothers, beginning this year. The plan is the result of Big Brothers Big Sisters African American Mentoring Summit in Atlanta in December. Tthe Summit was the culmination of Big Brothers Big Sisters recently launched collaborative partnership with....
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Published On 9/22/2006
The Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau is happy to welcome the 12th District Council Meeting of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. the weekend of Sept. 23rd for their annual fall District Council meeting. In conjunction with this meeting, the fraternity has announced the formation of Operation Uplift is issuing a call to local professionals for mentoring and role model opportunities.
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