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Tri Iota Committees

These are the committees defined within Iota Iota Iota Graduate Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.. Click the view members link or the committee name to see a list of committee members. If visible for a committee, click the More info to view additional information about the committee. If there are subcommittees, a list of subcommittees will be displayed. Click on the name of the subcommittee to view the members.
The Executive Council consists of all Iota Iota Iota Chapter elected officers and the immediate past Basileus. The primary responsibility of the Executive Council shall be to provide guidance and direction for the chapter and maintain fiduciary and administrative responsibility for the chapter. Additionally, the Executive Council shall insure effective and efficient execution of the chapter's programs. The Executive Council shall meet a minimum of once per month at least ten days prior to the regularly scheduled meeting unless otherwise notified in advance by the Basileus.
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Achievement Week/ Founders' Day
National Achievement Week is designated to seek out and give due recognition and awards to men and women who have excelled and made noteworthy contributions towards improving the quality of life for Black Americans. The responsibility of the Achievement Week Committee shall be to plan and organize the chapter’s nationally mandated Achievement Week Program and administer the election process of the awardees. All Achievement Week awardees, including those unopposed, will be voted upon at the appropriate Chapter meeting.
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Benevolence Committee
The goal of the Benevolence Committee is to provide practical and spiritual uplift for the Chapter. It is the responsibility of the Chaplain to serve as chairman of the Benevolence Committee and be responsible for keeping the chapter informed of its sick and shut-in members and send out cards and condolences where appropriate.
Budget and Finance Committee
The Budget and Finance Committee in consultation with the Keeper of Finance shall be responsible for constructing the proposed budgets for the Chapter after giving due consideration to the financial needs of each Office and each Committee, said financial needs being necessary to implement the charges and duties specified in these Bylaws. The Committee shall present the proposed budget for the next fiscal year in writing to the Chapter at the September Chapter meeting, and develop and implement a budget control system.
Chapter Proposal Request and Sponsorship
Chapter Retreat
Editor to the Oracle
The Oracle is a scholarly publication containing literary work intended to be more insightful and thought-provoking. The Oracle features the aristocracy of Omega Psi Phi intellect. This magazine is published quarterly and is available on the Internet or by mail subscription. The Chapter Editor to the Oracle is responsible for submitting articles reflecting the work that the members are doing in their community.
Health Initiatives Committee
All levels of the Fraternity are expected to facilitate, participate and/or coordinate activities that will uplift their communities by promoting good health practices. An international committee will coordinate and facilitate multifaceted programs of the various chapters, districts, etc. It is anticipated that all local chapters will execute the health directives at the local level. Some of the programs under the umbrella of Health Initiatives are the Charles Drew Blood Drive (normally held in June), AIDS/HIV Awareness, and the American Diabetes Association Partnership. This does not prevent the local chapters from performing additional health initiatives under the umbrella of the Health Initiatives mandate.
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History, Archives, and Scrapbook Committee
The members of this committee shall call upon, inquire of, offer assistance to, and encourage Brothers and their survivors to give to the Chapter such artifacts and memorabilia as they, in their generosity, may wish the Chapter to have and keep. The committee shall establish the most appropriate way to store and maintain the Chapters’ property such as financial data, reports, records, etc. Additionally, this committee is charged with the upkeep of the Chapter's history and a yearly scrapbook. Duties of the Chapter Historian and the History, Archives, and Scrapbook Committee shall also include the following: A. Request long-time members to write their versions of the fraternity history and its progress. These could be in the Historian's file and shown during Achievement Week. B. Take pictures of Chapter functions and, if possible, of old locations where the Chapter has made an impact in the community through our social action and social programs, for inclusion in records and for programs. C. Maintain library and a space for artifacts and historical material for chapter use. D. Maintain list of District and National award winners. E. Attend each Chapter meeting with Chapter display and report progress to the 12th District Historian, 12th DKRS, and GKRS for comparison with other chapters. F. Publish the articles in the Chapter Newsletter each month with trivia questions. G. Prepare Chapter history starting with the chapter historical questionnaire furnished by the International Headquarters. H. One leadership recall interview each year. I. Update historical records yearly. J. Provide the Chapter newsletter Editor with something about the Chapter history and progress to include in the newsletter when appropriate. K. Prepare a display at Chapter meeting at least once a year.
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Hospitality Committee
This committee is responsible for opening, set up, tear down and closing the meeting room/facility on the day of scheduled and called Fraternity Meetings. The committee is also responsible for securing the appropriate beverages prior to and after the meeting.
Membership Selection
The Membership Selection Committee shall administer the Chapter’s Membership Selection Program (MSP) and assist in monitoring and insuring that the process and guidelines for the entrance of new members into the fraternity are adhered to by its members. Once initiated into the fraternity this committee shall facilitate the education of the new members.
Memorial Service Program
March 12th of each year has been established as Memorial Day. Chapters are expected to conduct an appropriate service to recall the memory of those members who have entered into Omega Chapter.
Nominating Committee
This committee shall be charged with the responsibility of presenting, at the April meeting, a slate of candidates who are qualified and willing to serve as officers of the Chapter for the ensuing year.
Political Action Committee
Tri Iota Chapter involves itself collectively into our city, county, and state political processes through our Political Action Committee. We are involved in voter registration, "getting-out-the-vote," support of the NAACP, the National Urban League along with numerous other programs.
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Publicity Committee
The Public Relations Committee shall publicize the activities of the Chapter internationally, district-wide, and locally. The Committee shall utilize, when appropriate, the biography(ies) of Chapter member(s) in publications activities. The committee shall publicize the activities of the Chapter in all arms of the media deemed necessary and appropriate to champion the cause of the chapter. The committee shall produce a scrapbook outlining and detailing the chapter activities for the past year. The Chapter Reporter shall be an ex officio member of this Committee.
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Reclamation, Rededication, and Retention Committee
The Reclamation, Redidication, and Retention Committee shall be responsible for recommending and administering activities and programs to reclaim, redidicate, and retain its chapter members in a manner consistent with the Fraternity’s national reclamation program.
Recommendations Committee
The Recommendations Committee shall be responsible for investigating Fraternity and Twelfth (12th) District mandates, and other matters outside the realm of the other Committees, and developing and making written recommendations to the Chapter for consideration. The Committee shall keep the records up to date on these recommendations, and advise the Basileus of their status as to implementation.
Social Action Committee
The Social Action Committee shall implement and monitor the Chapter’s social action programs. The committee may recommend adoption of such programs embracing social issues consistent the Fraternity’s social action program.
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Social Committee
The purpose of the Social Committee is to UPLIFT Utah's diverse communities through social events while fostering a sense of community networking. We feel the social events will build a stronger sense of friendships with all people involved. By holding social events beyond our immediate friendship networks we will be building upon the foundation of our Fraternity's motto: "Friendship is Essential to the Soul." The Social Committee will plan and implement social and outreach events that will cater to the needs and interests of diverse groups and that will contribute to building a sense of community. The Social Committee will obtain feedback from the attendees to determine the success of our efforts and to keep abreast of what our supporters would be interested in.
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Ways & Means – Fiscal Management
Ways & Means – Fiscal Management – Develop budget and internal cash flow plan. Prepare revised budget and cash flow plan as requested by the Basileus. The Committee shall also analyze existing and develop new programs of the Chapter to ensure they have the proper funding to run efficiently and consistently. In short, the duties of this committee are as follows: A. Work with each committee chair on formulating their Management By Objectives (MBO) and annual budget. B. Help chairs be creative and to find the help they need including working with specific members on the Executive Council, in the Chapter, or non-members. C. Use the past objectives and budgets from past committees to help new chairs. D. Solicit information from past chairs on their recommended "do's and don'ts". Pass on to new chair. E. Assist Basileus & Executive Council when necessary to shore up the efforts of a committee chair who is not meeting their goals. F. Foster and encourage committee chairs' communication and ongoing relationship with the 1st Vice Basileus for maximizing efforts and outcomes as well as building our relationships within the 12th District and overall Fraternity.
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Web-master and IT Committee
It shall be the duty of the Web-master and IT committee to manage and insure timely and substantive updates to the chapter's web-site, and to mange and maintain chapter notification system to dispense information and announcements to the Chapter in a timely and confidential manner.
Executive Leadership Council
Chapter Meeting